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Recently, the hot girl name “fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter” Tran Thanh Tam has shaken the online community about the beautiful beauty on Tiktok. But this girl is entangled in many dramas about her beauty in real life. To know more about who Tran Thanh Tam is, let’s Trường THCS Yên Trấn Find out in this article!

Who is Tran Thanh Tam?

Tran Thanh Tam is a famous hot TikToker. She is known to the online community with the slogan “fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter”. She is famous from TikTok for her sweet and funny singing clips.

Who is Tran Thanh Tam?

Hot girl has a pretty face with a high nose bridge. The lips are plump and the body is quite good-looking. Because of this appearance, she made a strong impression in people’s hearts when watching Tik Tok clips.

However, this hot girl also caused a lot of controversy when revealing a bare face unlike the video she posted.

Biography of hot girl Tran Thanh Tam

When was Tran Thanh Tam born?

Tran Thanh Tam was born in 2000. She belongs to the dynamic and young 10x generation. Currently she is 21 years old (in 2022). Although she is 21 years old, her personality is quite cute and funny.

How old is Tran Thanh Tam born male?

With a personality face, hot body and great poses made her stand out from her peers.

Where is Tran Thanh Tam from?

Hot girl Tran Thanh Tam was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, she is still working and developing her passion in her own hometown.

Where is Tran Thanh Tam?

Born in the South, her voice is extremely sweet. Thanks to that, the listening clips “cut the hearts” of the boys and received many positive compliments.

How tall is Tran Thanh Tam?

As for her height, she has not been revealed once. However, through our million-view dance cover videos, we can see that Hot TikToker’s appearance is extremely balanced.

How tall is Tran Thanh Tam?

Moreover, height is also one of her strengths to wear sexy and seductive dresses.

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How much does Tran Thanh Tam weigh?

Tran Thanh Tam has never revealed her true weight. At the beginning of her popularity, she was said to have a rather chubby body because of her “dumb” pictures.

Tran Thanh Tam how much

However, she now realizes that and tries to improve. Therefore, Tran Thanh Tam was determined to lose weight and now she owns a hot, sexy body.

Tran Thanh Tam’s social media account

Tran Thanh Tam is the 10x generation, so she uses a variety of different social networking platforms. These platforms of hers all have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Tran Thanh Tam's long distance earphone


Tran Thanh Tam’s Facebook has more than 200,000 followers and thousands of likes.


Instagram account owns more than 300 thousand followers with extremely beautiful photos.


Currently, she has successfully gained nearly 4 million followers.


Her own YouTube channel also has more than 40 thousand subscribers.

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Tran Thanh Tam’s career

What does Tran Thanh Tam do?

Tran Thanh Tam is a beautiful, multi-talented hot girl, most of which she is gifted in many fields. She not only makes hot TikToker, photo model, advertisement but also embarks on an acting career.

Tran Thanh Tam Lam listen

She said that she always had a desire to follow the artistic path. At the same time, Tran Thanh Tam always tries her best to have more successful steps on her artistic path.

Tran Thanh Tam plays a movie, a beauty contest?

Initially, the hot TikToker “fried eggs need fat” focused all on his TikTok clips and videos. She makes videos about catchy sentences, dance covers like dancers and other funny clips.

Tran Thanh Tam plays a movie, a flower contest

Later, she began to engage in acting, she was accepted to play the role of Mi Nuong in a film project. However, her beauty was judged to be raw and ugly, inappropriate.

Not only is she an actress, but she also participates in typical beauty contests such as The Face. At this point, she has changed with a slim appearance, beautiful face and confident spirit.

TikTok career of hot girl Tran Thanh Tam

She first joined the TikTok platform with viral catchphrases, reaching millions of views. After becoming famous, she modeled photos and advertised products on TikTok.

Hot girl fried egg continued to engage in acting career but did not receive positive reviews.

Next, she pursued the modeling career when participating in The Face Vietnam. Here she was recognized for her hot looks, great spirit and serene face.

In the future, she always tries to make her artistic career even better.

Hot girl Tran Thanh Tam's tik tok skills

The private life of hot girl Tran Thanh Tam

Who is Tran Thanh Tam’s husband/boyfriend/lover?

Tran Thanh Tam’s boyfriend is Anh Vu. Tran Thanh Tam has a lover.

The two have a sweet time together for two Valentine seasons, but she rarely publicizes about her boyfriend.

Who is Tran Thanh Tam's Chong/Boyfriend/Lover?

Tran Thanh Tam’s lover is named Anh Vu with a handsome appearance, cool dress style. Although the hot girl doesn’t share boyfriend photos, Anh Vu always loves her girlfriend when she shares sweet pictures of the two on her personal page.

He also showed his love when giving Tran Thanh Tam a cake with many 500K bills along with the words: “Congratulations 8/3 dear wife”

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Why call Tran Thanh Tam hot girl fried egg?

Doctor Tran Thanh Tam’s name is Hot girl fried egg because she is famous for this million-view clip. She has a sweet, endearing voice and goes to the heart of people.

Why is Tran Thanh Tam called a hot girl in the middle

The slogan that makes up the brand name of the hot girl fried egg is: “Fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter, love doesn’t need muscles, needs you”. After that, she also posted many sweet listening clips.

Tran Thanh Tam fell while walking on the catwalk?

Recently in Vietnam International Fashion Festival, she appeared as a catwalk model. However, she fell while walking on the catwalk.

Tran Thanh Tam is sad when going to the catwalk

At that moment, a guy with 6 noses helped her up and carried her to the catwalk with him on the catwalk. However, when this video surfaced on social media, she was criticized by fans saying that her fall was just an act.

Fans think that her fall is extremely fake and she is trying to act to attract attention and build more drama for her popularity.

Hot girl Tran Thanh Tam is controversial about beauty

The beauty of hot girl Tran Thanh Tam is always controversial for fans. Because when she shoots million-view videos, she has a slim face, high nose and bright white skin.

Hot girl Tran Thanh Tam competes for beauty pageants

However, when filming behind the scenes of a program, her daily photo was revealed and controversial. She has a rather round face, a slightly chubby body and a quite different nose shape compared to the usual photos.

Not only that, in the role of Mi Nuong, she continued to cause a stir because of her beauty. Many people have given her the nickname “fake princess” and mixed opinions.

Tran Thanh Tam PR for gambling game in disguise?

Tran Thanh Tam once again made netizens frustrated and angry when she PR for a disguised gambling game on her MXH platform.

Tran Thanh Tam PR for the game bac check pictures

This is a game form that has been denounced by many people because of its disguise. Therefore, the fans had a moment of lashing out at Tran Thanh Tam with her PR this time.

At the same time, I hope this hot girl will learn more about the promotional products and apps that I receive PR!

Shocking statements of hot girl fried eggs Tran Thanh Tam?

Tran Thanh Tam is a hot girl who is not famous and must have been involved in many markets. Not only the drama with the beauty unlike the video, the catwalk of life, the PR for the disguised game, but also the shocking statements.

The hot girl's hot girl is hot girl Tran Thanh Tam

  • “It is better to study stupidly and make money than those who take the 25, 30 points exam but don’t make any money.” This statement has shocked netizens.
  • “Hey buddy! I don’t want to go to H school, I don’t want to go to H school. Sorry, but H has a lower score than my school. It’s funny, you guys say you can’t pass H and have to go to HB to study, why do you say that? Because I don’t like H school, I just went to HB”. This is her thoughtless statement on the issue of studying, so she was criticized by the fans.
  • “I don’t understand why this rumor exists, it’s completely fabricated.” This statement in one time she thought that the hot clip was revealed.
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Tran Thanh Tam accused of being Tuesday?

Tran Thanh Tam had a rebuttal that: “I don’t understand why this rumor exists, it’s completely fabricated”. This statement in one time she thought that she was exposed to offensive images.

However, with the fact that she was accused of being Tuesday, she explained in the vlog of streamer Linh Ngoc Dam. She insisted that she did not break anyone’s feelings.

She said that when he met the other guy, he said he didn’t have a lover and then she realized that she had been cheated. She immediately broke off relations and did not contact him anymore.

Hot girl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam with Le Bong?

Recently, Tran Thanh Tam and Le Bong have many million-view TikTok videos covering different dance songs. The couple is quite close and matches each other in dress, clip and personality.

Hot girl Trung Ran Tran Thanh Tam san si elephant Le Bong

Recently, she was said to be crazy with Le Bong when they both participated in the Miss Fitness VietNam program. Here, she had a speech that was better than losing with her companion, Le Bong.

At the same time, she had quite the wrong word when she told Le Bong to “swallow” and she was a bit timid and shy. Right after that, she received suggestions from Miss Ky Duyen.

Hot girl Thanh Tam Fried Egg goes to beauty contest

Losing this glue, we displayed another glue, Thanh Tam once again became the focus of attention when she announced that she was going to Thailand to compete in beauty pageants. Specifically, she is the representative of Vietnam to participate in the Miss Fabulous International contest taking place in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is a relatively new contest with approximately 12k followers on Instagram. However, this number is likely to increase once the competition begins.

hot girl with fried eggs needs fat to compete in Miss fabulous international

Miss Fabulous International is a Thai beauty pageant for transgender and female contestants. This arena honors the beauty of women, especially recognizing the extraordinary efforts of transgender people. The event is scheduled to take place from 11-15 December 2022.

When the information that hot girl Thanh Tam will represent Vietnam in this contest was revealed, netizens had mixed comments. Some think that this is just a “village pond” contest, not worth paying attention to, others think that Thanh Tam’s beauty has been somewhat improved and should be cheered instead of criticizing others.

image of the beauty of the beauty pageant

Last, Trường THCS Yên Trấn shared the biography of the famous hot girl “fried eggs need fat” on TikTok Tran Thanh Tam. Hopefully, this girl in the future will change herself, become more mature and achieve more success.

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