Books and Musical Instruments - Fair and Exhibition

ROOM 15 (Law School)

(9:00 – 18:00)

At the Books and Musical Instruments Corner - Fair and Exhibition thereare books and CDs to offer, sell and consult throughout the Conference. Thereis also an exhibition of Portuguese Traditional Instruments anddemonstrations by craftsmen on the materials and construction techniques used.


 July 21 to 23.  A presentation on the constructionof the adufe, a square frame drum with two membranophones that istraditionally used by women to accompany singing in the northeastern region ofPortugal. Recently, the instrument has also been used in urban popular music. You will also havethe same opportunity for the Viola Beiroa, a five double stringtraditional chordophone, and the Palheta, a double reed aerophone, bothrevitalized during the last decades.

July 26.  A viola campaniça craftsman will share his knowledgeabout the construction of this traditional instrument which has been recentlyrevitalized in the Alentejo region of southern Portugal. Itaccompanies cantares ao desafio (lit. poetic competitionsongs) and traditional dances known as saias, as well as the CanteAlentejano, a tradition of two-part singing that was inscribed on UNESCO’slist of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2014. Recently the violacampaniça was disseminated outside the Alentejo region by influentialmusicians like Pedro Mestre who will perform the instrument in the evening concert on the July 26 (Room 1).

July 25 to 27. The craftsman Fernando Deghi will demonstrateconstruction techniques of the viola beiroa, a traditional guitar withfive double courses. The viola beiroa is an instrument of thetraditional Dança das Virgens (lit. Dance of Virgins) and of the Dançados Homens (lit. Dance of Men), performed at the locality of Lousa, duringthe Nossa Senhora dos Altos Céus religious feast.

Other traditional instruments on display

The viola braguesa and the cavaquinho familyof instruments (braguinhamachinho and cavaquinho)